BUSH & Chevelle Bring the Rock to Musikfest

BUSH and Chevelle rocked out Thursday nights main stage at Musikfest.
Openers included the Dead Deads, a hard rocking girl group from Nashville and an alternative band from San Francisco, Black Map.

Chevelle started off the night with their sounds of melodic hard rock and they sounded great to say the least. They played some of their popular hits like “Get some”, “Hats Off to the Bull”, “The Red” and closed the show with “Send The Pain Below.”

BUSH who headlined the show really got the crowd on their feet by by opening the show with “Everything Zen.” They also played songs like “Chemicals Between Us”, “The Sound of Winter”, and “The Science of Things.” Lead singer, Gavin Rossdale seemed calm and cool thanking Musikfest for having them there and was complimentary to the town of Bethlehem. In his signature move Rossdale jumped off the stage into the audience during their song “Little Things”. The crowd delighted as they hugged, high-fived and sang along.

Unfortunately BUSH was not able to play its biggest hits “Glycerine”, “Machinehead”, and “Comedown” in the encore due to inclement weather threatening the area.

Thanks to Bill Raymond for the photos.