Culture Club Concert Review & Photos

Thanks to Dan Mackafee for his review of the show!!

If you are a child of the ’80s, like I am, You grew up with the music of Culture Club.  Sitting in front of the TV, watching that new channel called MTV and trying to figure out. he a man or a woman??? Well, Boy George is a man and he and his Band put on a helluva show Friday night at the historic Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

After having a little known band from L.A. called The Groves open the show, the band of the night commanded the “multicultural” crowd of about 600 in the tiny venue.

The flamboyant lead singer didn’t disappoint.  He clearly still has the pipes, belting out hit after hit during their 90 minute set.  Opening the show with “Church of the Poison Mind” and finishing the night with a cover of the T. Rex classic “Get it on”.

All in all, an excellent show.  The crowd was energetic and the band sounded as good as they did in their hayday!  They will continue their world tour in North Bethesda, MA and will finish in November in Palm Springs, CA.

Here’s the complete set list:

1. Church of the Poison Mind
2. It’s a Miracle
3. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
4. Everything I Own
5. Black Money
6. Interlude
7. Time
8. Like I Used To
9. Different Man
10. Miss Me Blind
11. Crying Game
12. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
13. More Than Silence
14. War Song
15. Karma Chameleon
16. Get It On