Earlier this year, he joined Korn for seven tour dates after original bassist Fieldy was unable to commit due to family obligations.

Tye is the 12-year-old son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, who narrates the short film. Korn’s official videographer, Sébastien Paquet, created a 15-minute film, titled ‘Korn and the Prodigy Son.’

Speaking of his time with his son on the road, Robert Trujillo told Rolling Stone: “I didn’t have to help him with anything. When you see your kid with that much pride, energy and focus, it was a beautiful experience.

“He doesn’t even play five-string bass, really. And he’s not a slap-bass player per se; he slaps for fun. He had an afternoon with Munky, the guitar player, where they ran through the songs, and I was there basically to offer him snacks and water.”

Watch the full documentary below.