Bebe Rexha Creates a Helluva Dance Party at the Underground Arts in Philly.

Bebe Rexha’s ‘All Your Fault Tour’ took over Philadelphia’s Underground Arts on Sunday March 26, with openers Spencer Ludwig and Daniel Skye. Rexha is out on her first headlining tour in support of her most recent EP ‘All Your Fault Pt. 1‘ which features her hit single “I Got You.” She has previously toured on the Vans Warped Tour in 2015 and as a special guest on Ellie Goulding’s Delirium tour last spring. Bebe Rexha is not only known as a solo artist, she is also a hit-making song writer, penning hits for G-Eazy, Eminem ft. Rihanna, Nick Jonas and Martin Garrix.

Tonight, Bebe appeared as the stage filled with smoke began to dissipate. Before anyone could see her, you could only hear her voice as she sang what has become her anthem “Bad Bitch.” Once in full view, she was glowing with her platinum blonde hair, gold jumpsuit, silver shimmering thigh high boots and her over-sized brass knuckle microphone. Bebe fans, the “Rexhers” (her version of Gaga’s Little Monsters) were belting out every word to “Me, Myself & I,” “Atmosphere, “Small Doses,” and “In the Name of Love” until she noticed almost all fans in the building holding up their phones recording or taking pictures while she performed. Bebe insisted her band stop the music and told her fans, “Put your fucking phones away, Stop the music. For this song you could put your phones away till the end of the song, we can’t live our lives through social media, We can’t live our lives like that, its fucked up. Everyone live in the moment and have fun, who gives a fuck about social media, fuck those people.” Rexha then REperformed “In the Name of Love” followed by “Take Me Home.”  Rexha then performed “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy,” which she stated that the songs isn’t about being crazy, “its about the world making you feel crazy because your not the same as everybody else, if your the same you’re not special, I am telling you all the greatest people in the world, they are all a bit weird and out of their minds, but that is what makes them amazing.” She then sang her 2015 release “Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” followed by “Fuck Fake Friends,” and “Hey Mama.” She continued the party with “Monster” (the monster hit she wrote for Eminem & Rihanna), “No Broken Hearts,” which she brought up some fans to rap Nicki Minaj’s verse.  Rexha ended the show with her current hit “I Got You.”

Bebe Rexha is truly a breathe of fresh air when it comes to performers in this day and age, she takes no prisoners and is unapologetic about the lyrics of her songs. Rexha was loving the small club vibe of the sold out Underground Arts where her Rexher’s were right up against the 3 foot high stage and had every opportunity to reach out and touch her. It truly made for a dance party atmosphere. We at were stoked we were able to experience it, because its is highly doubtful that she will be playing small venues after this tour as her star continues to rise.

Look for All Your Fault Pt.2 on iTunes and all your favorite places to get music sometime in April 2017.